2020 Ford Ranger recalled for shifter that could pop out of park


The 2020 Ford Ranger only began to reach dealership lots last month, but the automaker said Wednesday it will recall about 3,500 trucks in North America.

Ford said that there is potential for drivers to shift the truck’s gear lever out of park while the car is off and without a foot on the brake pedal. The automaker said it needs to verify the shifter interlock functionality on about 3,500 trucks total—3,000 in the United States and 500 in Canada.

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In the affected trucks, the transmission lever bezel wiring may interfere with the shifter interlock override function, which keeps the vehicle locked in the park gear. If there is an interference, nothing can stop the vehicles from shifting out of park while the truck isn’t running. 

Ford said the affected Rangers were built between June 4, 2018, and Jan. 9 2019.

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Dealers will be instructed to test for the interlock override function. If a technician is able to shift the truck out of park while the car isn’t running or without a foot on the brake, he or she will look for wiring interference. The wiring harness will be relocated and the technician will perform the same test to see if the truck remains locked in park or not.

The automaker did not provide information on when it plans for the recall to begin.