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There’s no better gift to give yourself than a gorgeous smile. If you have been struggling with the condition of your teeth and may be feeling insecure about it, Byte is a teeth straightening and whitening solution using clear braces. Byte is an invisible aligner system that is specially developed to fit your mouth and give you a brighter, straighter smile from home without ever having to go to an orthodontist.

Why I Chose Byte

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At the end of 2018, I made a promise to myself that 2019 would be a turning point in the self-care department. As many parents can relate, after having children, your child becomes the top priority. After having my first, I immediately put my child before myself and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Two years later, I am realizing that although this is a sacrifice all parents experience, in order to be a better mom for my family, I have to start taking care of myself too.

daily mom parent portal clear braces

Reflecting on 2018, I took a look at myself in the mirror. I hadn’t had my hair cut in over a year, the chipped nail polish on my toes had been barely holding on for 3 months, and my teeth were looking a little crooked and yellowed. Although these neglects are of my outwards appearance, if you are looking good, you will feel good too.

So I decided to pamper myself a little. Things like a haircut and pedicure are easily achieved; however, the issue with my teeth would not come as easy. As a woman in her early 30’s would I really want to get braces? Just the thought of it gave me horrible flashbacks to my middle school years when I had a mouth full of metal. No, I refused to go that route.

daily mom parent portal clear braces

I scheduled a consultation with an orthodontist about clear braces. To my surprise, this was a much more expensive option than traditional braces and I felt discouraged. Could I really justify spending upwards of $5,000 on clear braces because I am embarrassed of what people will think? I decided to forego the whole orthodontist avenue altogether and explore at-home teeth straightening.

daily mom parent portal clear braces

There’s many popular companies out there that offer clear braces sent to your home but when you start comparing, you notice two major factors: the duration of the wear and the expense. This is where Byte differs. Byte is a teeth straightening system delivered right to your door and exactly what I, as a working mom, needed on my journey of self-care.

Byte Clear Braces

daily mom parent portal clear braces

Unlike other teeth straightening systems, Byte helps you achieve your perfect smile in half the time with their unique clear braces. In addition to the invisible aligners, you will receive other useful components that contribute to creating an amazing smile with straight, white teeth. Once you send off your impressions, you will receive every set of clear braces you will need for the dental transformation, plus some great extras.

Getting Started is Easy

daily mom parent portal clear braces

To get started you must first complete the Byte impression kit that will be sent to you. Before doing your impressions, watch the instructional video and read the booklet to understand the instructions. If you mess up your impressions, the orthodontist won’t be able to get an accurate read.

After watching the instructional video, lay out all the supplies you will need:

  • Gloves
  • Putty
  • Molding trays
  • Mirror
  • Towel
  • Cheek spreader
  • Timer

How to do Your Impressions

daily mom parent portal clear braces

With the gloves on, combine the blue and white putty together until thoroughly mixed. You must do this in under 30 seconds before it hardens.

daily mom parent portal clear braces

Roll putty into a 4 inch cylinder and lay it in the molding trays.

daily mom parent portal clear braces

Put molding tray on your upper teeth and press down with your fingers until your teeth meet the tray.

daily mom parent portal clear braces

Pull your lips over the tray and hold for 3.5 minutes.

daily mom parent portal clear braces

Repeat for the bottom teeth and then again for the top and bottom making 4 impressions total.

daily mom parent portal clear braces

Put the completed molds into the tray box.

daily mom parent portal clear braces

Using the cheek spreaders, take pictures of your teeth and upload them to your Byte profile so the orthodontists can see your bite.

Use code DAILYMOM for a discounted price of $25 on your impression kit (regular price $95).

The Next Step

Byte Pf

Once you have completed your impression kit, all you have to do is mail your impressions back to Byte with the provided mailing label. Once Byte receives the impressions, they will immediately get to work on creating your personalized treatment plan for you to review. In this treatment plan, you will get to see an actual representation of how your teeth will transform. After approving it, your aligners will be made and will arrive on your doorstep in approximately 3 weeks.

Stay tuned for a follow-up post about wearing Byte invisible aligners and how it can change your smile over the course of a few months!

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daily mom parent portal clear braces

Photo Credit:  Sasha Staton


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