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How business Energy switch works?

We discuss

You talk to our business energy experts about your current business energy supplier and current contract and you are loooking for better prices.

We research

Our commercial energy experts will look at commercial market and will tell you about available prices and contracts in simple language so you can make right decision for you business.

Switch and Save

Once you are happy with prices and contract offered by our business energy advisers, we will arrange your new contract with new business energy suppllier for you.

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What do I need to know to compare business energy prices?

What do I need to know to compare business energy prices?

  • Your existing unit rates
  • Existing standing charge
  • You annual energy usage in Kwh
  • Current contract end date
  • Supplier notice period

Compare business energy suppliers

At daily circle we provide business energy prices from following business energy suppliers:

The big 6 business energy suppliers:

  • 1. British Gas for business
  • 2. Eon
  • 3. Edf
  • 4. Scottish power
  • 5. Npower for business
  • 6. SS (Scottish and southern energy)

Other business suppliers you can compare with us are:

  • Gazprom
  • CNG (also known as contract natural gas)
  • Dual energy
  • DONG energy
  • Corona energy
  • Opus energy
  • Opus energy

How can I change my business energy supply?

  • 1. If you have received a renewal letter from you current supplier, check when your business contract is ending. If you still haven’t received a renewal letter then contact your supplier and ask about your renewal window.
  • 2. Contact our business energy experts on 0203 8877 688 or request a call back.
  • 3. Tell our business energy advisors what are your requirements and we will find you best deals.

Type of business energy contracts

  • 1. Fixed terms business energy contract – your unit rate and standing charges will remain fixed for the agreed length of term. Your monthly bill can vary depending on how much energy you use.
  • 2. Variable rate commercial energy contract – your energy prices will vary based on whole sales prices. If energy demand is high, your unit price might go up.
  • 3. Business deemed rate contract - deemed rate business energy contract (also known as out of contract) is where you have not agreed a contract with energy supplier and they have moved you to another business energy tariff. If you recently moved in to a property and have not agreed a contract then you are going to be on a deemed rate energy contract.
  • 4. 28 day monthly contract – 28 day contract means that your business have not switched energy contract since the commercial energy market was deregulated.
  • 5. Business rollover contract – If you failed to notify your current supplier within required notice period then they will automatically move you to another contract.