Clas Ohlson Releases Set of Unconventional Valentine’s Kits, Including a Relationship Repair Kit


For couples struggling for a Valentine’s gift this year, Clas Ohlson are here to help; no matter the relationship status. The Swedish homeware and hardware retailer has announced the launch of three exclusive kits to simplify Valentine’s Day. The unique range includes a kit to block out the sickly displays of romance, to mend a broken relationship and for those lacking a clue about romance.  

The Valentine’s Block it all Out Kit

The first of the three kits will especially appeal to singles, but is available for anyone who wants to avoid Valentine’s Day all together. The Block it all Out Kit comes complete with ear defenders and an eye mask, to make sure the recipient neither hears nor sees any whiff of the annual love fest. Other treats include a packet of sick bags, if the gushing displays of affection all become a bit too much, and a bottle opener. There’s even something for the cat as loyal pets will never break up with us.

The Valentine’s Make Up Don’t Break Up Kit

The Make Up Don’t Break Up Kit not only sends a symbolic message that things need sorting out, but is also packed full of useful repair tools, such as super glue, since it’s universally true that super glue fixes everything. Also complete with candles and a lighter to reignite the flame, a hot pack to heat things back up and sandpaper to smooth things over, this kit will get a relationship back on track in no time.

The Valentine’s Kit for Dummies

For those that don’t have a clue about romance, then the final kit in the range is everything consumers need for a Valentine’s night in. Clas Ohlson have everything covered, from a wireless Bluetooth speaker to set the mood with some sexy tunes, and romantic tealights and decorations to makeover a date space. The star of the kit is the chocolate fondue maker. Enjoy the natural aphrodisiac alongside a cold glass of bubbles in the champagne flutes that are also included.

Briony Samuel, UK Media Manager at Clas Ohlson UK, commented: “We at Clas Ohlson want to simplify everyone’s life this Valentine’s Day, so whether you’re head over heels, or dreading the occasion entirely, we’re here to help with our unique and practical gifts.

“Valentine’s Day can be a great occasion for celebrating the ones we love, but it can also be a time when people are bombarded with unrealistic expectations of romance. Our Valentine’s Kits are a great reminder that relationships aren’t always perfect and if you’re spending the holiday alone, that’s perfectly fine too!”

A limited number of kits have been released, and all of the products featured across the Valentine’s ranges are available online at

And there’s more than just the kits; Clas Ohlson are also putting their Swedish heritage into practice, helping people to celebrate Valentine’s Day Scandi-style. Sweden’s equivalent, ‘Alla hjärtans dag’, which translates as ‘All Hearts Day’, isn’t just about celebrating a romantic partner, but all loved ones. As Clas Ohlson are about the whole family, they’ve come up with 12 ideas for showing love to all of the important people in your life. Because after all, you don’t have to be *in* love, to give love.

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