Complete guide to the UK business energy


Are you paying too much for your business gas and electricity? If so, it’s time to compare and switch to a better business energy deal.

Before you start comparing business energy quotes, it’s important to find out more about how UK business energy differs from UK domestic energy market, and have a look at the types of contract offered by business energy suppliers.

How does UK business energy differ from UK domestic energy market?

  • Business energy rates are often cheaper compared to domestic energy
  • Business energy contracts are typically longer and can have contract up to 5 years
  • With business energy contracts, no cooling-off period
  • Business energy tariffs are single-fuel and not classed as dual fuel contracts
  • Business energy contracts are tailor made as per UK business

What types of UK business energy contract are available?

 There are main 5 business energy contracts are available to the UK businesses:

  1. 28 day business energy contract
  2. Variable rate business energy contract
  3. Fixed term business energy contract
  4. Deemed rate business energy contract
  5. Rollover contract

28 day business energy contract

 A business energy contract for business gas and/or business electricity who haven’t switched since the business energy market deregulated in the UK.

Variable rate business energy contract

Business gas and electricity rates may go up or down depending on the UK wholesale business energy market throughout your contract terms.

Fixed term business energy contract

Your business gas and electricity unit rates will be fixed and standing charges will also be fixed throughout you are in contract. However, your direct debit per month will not be fixed as they are based on your usage which may vary per month.

Deemed rate business energy contract

Deemed business energy contract are one of the most expansive business energy tariffs.  If you don’t switch to new tariff and / or to new business energy supplier while you are on renewal window, your current supplier will put you on deemed business energy contract rates.

Rollover contract

Usually when your current contract ends and you have not agreed any new business energy deals with your current business energy supplier, your supplier will roll you over on to another contract and that’s is called rollover business rate contract.

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