Daily Circle business energy FAQs


Dailycircle.co.uk offers business comparison services as part of news and articles to help save money for business clients. SME & Corporate businesses can up to 80% of their utility bills against renewals from their current business energy supplies.

To find out how we can save money for your business gas and electricity call us on 0203 8877 688 or request a call back here – click me

How much Daily Circle will charge me (customer)?

We are fully committed to our customers hence our service is free, independent and most importantly Impartial.

  • 100% free for customers
  • Impartial and Independent to offers best business energy tariffs and business rates
  •  Honest and upfront with any recommendations

How can you get a quote on dailycircle ?

You can simply call us our business energy experts on 0203 8877 688 or by requesting call back here – click me

Do we compare big 6 suppliers and who are they?

Yes, we do compare big 6 suppliers and smaller business energy suppliers too.

Here’s list of big 6 business energy suppliers

  1. Eon
  2. British gas (also known as Scottish gas)
  3. EDF
  4. SSE (also known as Southern Electric, SWALEC, Atlantic Electric & Gas and Scottish & Southern)
  5. Scottish power
  6. Npower

What is the unit rate (charge per unit)?

Your charge per unite (unit rate) will depend on many things, such as:
–Where your business is located
– The type of meter your business have
– Your business energy contract, such as short term or long term contract.
– Your preferred payment method, such as Direct Debit, quarterly /monthly cash or cheque.  

What does a SUPPLIER (MPAN) number look like?

The MPAN (supplier number) will start with the letter ‘S‘ and it will be on your business electricity bill as per below.

S 03 801 000
10 000 000 000

What is the MPR number?

The MPR and /or M number is known as the METER POINT REFERENCE for your business gas supply. It is located on your current business gas bill. Some business gas suppliers also call it the M number.

Who do we receive our business gas and electricity bills from? 

You will always receive your business gas and electricity bills directly from your business energy Supplier.

If you have any further questions please contact our business energy experts on 0203 8877 688 or simply request a call back here – click me