DIY Homemade Holiday Jewelry


The holiday season is here! For many that means cold, wintery weather and long afternoons inside. With children on their winter breaks there will be plenty of time for all sorts of fun activities. Why not show that it’s the hap-hap-happiest time of the year by wearing some holiday cheer?

Grab the kids and head to the craft store. In one afternoon of fun you’ll be spreading the joy everywhere you go with these simple DIY angel earrings.


6 Easy Steps

1. Gather supplies.

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2. Place beads onto head pin.

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3. Using wire cutters, cut head pin about 1 inch from top.

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4. Using round head pliers, clasp end of head pin and roll down.

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5. Open the end of the ear wire and connect the angel to the ear wire.

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6. Close the ear wire and enjoy!

These earrings would be the perfect gift for any of the fashionable women in your life, or to wear during the holiday season.

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Interested in making jewelry or other fun arts and crafts projects, but not sure where to start? Take a class! Check out your local Hobby LobbyMichaels, or Jo-Ann Fabrics and Craft Store for all kinds of classes!

Photo credits: Kasey Turnbull

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