Half Hourly Electricity Meter Explained


If you are a business owner, you must read this article.

What is Half Hourly electricity meter?

Half hourly electricity meters (HH) also known as 00 meters or business smart meters. Your electricity supplier can read HH electronically at every 30 minutes. It will make sure a business pay correct amount for their usage.

What kind businesses need HH meters?

First you need to know your profile class. Profile class assigned based on your usage. You can find it in MPN number mentioned on your energy bill.

S 00 846 060
14 1716 9403 001

Profile class 01 – Domestic Unrestricted Customers

Profile class 02 – Domestic Economy 7 Customers

Profile class 03 – Non-Domestic Unrestricted Customers

Profile class 04 – Non-Domestic Economy 7 Customers

Profile class 05 – Non-Domestic Maximum Demand (MD) Customers with a Peak Load Factor (LF) of less than 20%

Profile class 06 – Non-Domestic Maximum Demand Customers with a Peak Load Factor between 20% and 30%

Profile class 07 – Non-Domestic Maximum Demand Customers with a Peak Load Factor between 30% and 40%

Profile class 08 – Non-Domestic Maximum Demand Customers with a Peak Load Factor over 40%

Earlier businesses with large supplies with more than 100kW load usage regularly in peak time must need HH meter as per law. But after P272 regulation came in effect from November 2015, now meter with profile classes 05 to 08 also should be replaced by HH meter. So if you are running manufacturing units, shopping malls, super markets or maintaining large warehouses, cold storages etc. then you need HH meter at your premise.

How HH meters affects energy prices?

HH meters provides usage statistics at every 30 minutes. So your supplier can analyse your usage in peak & non-peak and based on that they can offer you tailor made plans. Basically your supplier knows your usage in various time frames and offer you prices based on various factors like wholsale electricity market prices, availability at your business location, your contract length & terms etc. Our data shows there is high chance of lowering your energy bill by HH meter.

What is HH meter operator and Data collector?

If you are using HH meter, you need to appoint Meter Operator and Data collector. Meter Operator is responsible for installation and maintenance of HH meter. Data Collector, as name suggests, collects usage data from the meter and sends to the supplier. Usually both will be supplied by your energy supplier. But you can do contract with accredited 3rd party contractors which is cheaper than the earlier option.

What is Half Hourly Settlements (HHS) and Data?

Comparing energy prices of various suppliers with HH meter is far more complex than normal meter. You need more data about your usage in various time of the day, month and year. HHS provides that data to you which is very useful to save on your energy bills by various ways like,

  • You can negotiate better with other suppliers
  • You can shift some of the processes with heavy energy usage to non-peak times when generally rates are lower.
  • You can look to implement Energy Efficiency Program.

Can I switch supplier or tariffs with HH meter in use?

Yes of-course! In-fact it is better to negotiate with suppliers as they can offer you tailor made quotes based on HHS and usage data you have.

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