Huami Unveils Amazfit Verge with 13 Newly Designed Dials


Amazfit Verge’s 1.3-inch AMOLED display has 17% more display area than a normal 1.2-inch smart watch. Combined with AMOLED display technology, the color is rich and the picture is vivid. With a resolution of 360 x 360, it can clearly display time, battery level, other apps and SMS with exquisite and delicate effects. In addition, Amazfit Verge dial adopts Corning glass with an anti-fingerprint coating. The touch effect is guaranteed making the watch more solid and durable.

Power management has always been the strength of Huami Technology. Amazfit Verge is equipped with a lithium polymer battery with a 390mAh charge. By simulating the daily use of the user, that is, sending and receiving 150 messages per day, lifting the wrist to display the time 30 times, performing other operations for 5 minutes, and going for a 30 minute run every two days, Amazfit Verge can support up to 5 days of battery life. This is an essential difference compared to other smart watches that measure the duration of the battery in hours.

The dial is not only the most important function for the smart watch, but also a channel to showcase users personality. Huami has designed 13 dials with different characteristics for users, which include three dials designed by the artists of the famous design studio Territory Studio. Territory Studio is a design studio that has worked with many top Hollywood movies such as Universal Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, Sony Pictures, Paramount and many more. It has provided screen support for films such as “Avengers 3: Infinity War”, “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and “Blade Runner 2049”. These 3 dials designed by them will be more individual, more technical and cooler.

In the case of the wristband, Amazfit Verge features a new wristband cleaning process. The coating process used in ordinary wristbands is sticky, easy to get dirty and fade. The wristband cleaning process is an important technology that Huami Technology has spent more than three years developing and invested more than one million in its research and development. It changes the molecular structure of the wristband surface using UV-lighting on the silicone wristband. Thus, the overall molecular structure is more stable and dense, making the wristband soft, dry, dirt-resistant and comfortable to wear.

Amazfit Verge equips a brand new self-developed PhotoPlethysmoGraphy (PPG) optical sensor for higher precision and lower power consumption. It can achieve uninterrupted real-time heart rate monitoring around the clock. Different from the ECG that was previously detected by bioelectric current, PPG obtains heart rate information by detecting the amount of blood flowing through the wrist with the light signal. The blood is red, that is, it reflects red light and absorbs green light. By combining a green LED light with sensitive components, Amazfit users only need to wear the watch on the wrist to collect heart rate data, so as to achieve 24/7 uninterrupted heart rate measurements more conveniently and efficiently. Users can see their heartbeat by simply raising their hand without waiting.

As the first smart watch released after Huami Technology’s IPO, Amazfit Verge has continued to maintain the technical advantages of Huami Technology in the wearable field in the design, function, battery life, intelligence, the pursuit of top-level craftsmanship and dedication to the user experience.

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