Huawei Enterprise Presenting 4 Star Products at MWC19, Barcelona


Qiu Heng, President of Global Marketing, Huawei Enterprise Business Group, said: “Huawei Enterprise is experiencing robust business growth, with annual revenue in 2018 exceeding USD 10 billion. MWC19 Barcelona is our first representation at the event, and we are excited to share our learnings about digital transformation with our peers there.

“We look forward to demonstrating the transformative power of ubiquitous connectivity and pervasive intelligence for the enterprise market through four of our world-leading flagship products, including the world’s first commercial Wi-Fi 6 AP, the world’s first AI-powered data center switch, the world’s fastest intelligent OceanStor Dorado all-flash storage, and the world’s first software-defined AI camera, the X series.

“We will also launch our digital platform. We believe implementing a digital platform integrated with new ICT is the key to help enterprises achieve digital transformation.”

Three exhibition areas and four star products to demonstrate Huawei Enterprise’s comprehensive strength in intelligence and connectivity

During MWC19, Huawei Enterprise will demonstrate four flagship products for the enterprise market, highlighting how in an interconnected world, governments and enterprises require ubiquitous connectivity and pervasive intelligence to meet the needs of citizens and customers:

  • World’s first commercial Wi-Fi 6 AP: 802.11ax is the latest generation of Wi-Fi technology, and is known as Wi-Fi 6 in the industry. This product marks the first time the industry has implemented the 8×8 MU-MIMO technology, OFDMA space division multiplexing technology, and 1024QAM modulation and demodulation technology in Wi-Fi. This enables the total access rate of a single wireless access point (AP) to exceed 10 Gbps for the first time and improves the number of concurrent users by four times. In addition to offering greater speed, Wi-Fi 6 reduces the network latency from 30ms to 10ms, satisfying the low latency requirements of VR and enterprise networks. Huawei’s Wi-Fi 6 AP has already been deployed, and with Huawei’s third-generation smart antenna technology and SmartRadio air interface technology, the coverage radius of Wi-Fi 6 signals is increased by 40%.
  • CloudEngine16800, the world’s first AI-powered data center switch: The product is embedded with Huawei’s AI chipsets. The unique intelligent lossless switching algorithm, iLossless, perfectly solves the packet loss issue of traditional Ethernet networks, improving the AI computing power from 50% to 100% and the data storage IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second) by 30%. In addition, the product provides the industry’s highest density 48-port 400GE line card per slot and its switching capacity exceeds the industry average by five times. A fully-equipped single frame saves 320,000 kilowatt-hours per annum.
  • OceanStor Dorado, the world’s fastest intelligent all-flash storage: These high-end storage products are tailored for the enterprise market. They boost the world’s fastest performance (7,000,565 SPC-1™ IOPS) and high reliability (0.5ms stable latency). To date, OceanStor Dorado has achieved large-scale commercial use in seven of the world’s top 20 banks.
  • World’s first software-defined AI cameras: Huawei’s X series cameras, equipped with Huawei AI chipsets, can define scenarios as required, implement layered intelligence, sense their own status, adapt to scenarios, and ensure continued service. Using a one-to-many connection function, the software-defined AI cameras can also “lend” their AI computing power to traditional cameras, effectively upgrading them to AI cameras.

Huawei’s Digital Transformation of Industries Summit, a platform to discuss new opportunities

Huawei Enterprise aims to bring digital to every organization for a fully connected, intelligent world. To explore how customers can address ever-changing market needs in a new mobile era and achieve success in digital transformation, Huawei Enterprise will hold the Digital Transformation of Industries Summit in Theatre B, Hall 8, Fira Gran Via on February 25, 2019 at 14:00. Together with global customers and partners, Huawei Enterprise will share with the audience what makes digital transformation possible, and outline its digital platform strategy.

Huawei Enterprise’s “Platform + Ecosystem” strategy is designed to help governments and enterprises unlock the power of ICT to succeed in the digital economy. As part of this strategy, Huawei is committed to providing ubiquitous connectivity and pervasive intelligence to drive growth, innovation and value in this fast-evolving digital world.

More than 700 cities around the world and 211 Fortune Global 500 companies, including 48 of the top 100, have already chosen Huawei Enterprise as their partner in digital transformation.

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