Kochava Announces Latest Enhancements to IdentityLink, Giving Marketers a Clearer View of Their User Journeys


Delivering deterministic attribution to mobile web channels, IdentityLink adds improved visibility into performance across all devices and marketing channels.

SANDPOINT, Idaho, Feb. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Kochava Inc. (www.kochava.com), the industry leader in measurement, attribution and data solutions for connected devices, announced the latest enhancements to its IdentityLink offering, extending deterministic attribution to mobile web channels. Marketers gain an even more complete view of users’ true interactions with their advertising.

Kochava first released IdentityLink in 2012, enabling the platform to digest unique identifiers about audiences from customer sources (CRM, POS, or other internal user identifiers). This powered people-based attribution for comprehensive cross-device measurement for marketers.

For more information, visit https://www.kochava.com/kochava-difference/one-powerful-and-flexible-sdk/identitylink.

Mobile marketers have long faced the challenge of obtaining precision attribution for ads displayed on mobile web channels, with probabilistic methods imparting an unwanted margin of error. Now, data-driven marketers can put the guesswork behind them and benefit from deterministic attribution on all their digital marketing campaigns. Through IdentityLink, Kochava builds a unique bridge between a user’s interactions with ads across in-app and mobile web environments on the same device.

In today’s complex landscape of digital advertising, performance marketers require innovative, performance attribution for a detailed understanding of users’ device profiles and behavior. Kochava measures signals across mobile and online ads, in-app promotions, SMS, search, social, email, wearables, ibeacon, TV, AR, VR, OTT, FireTV, home automation, connected auto, chat bots, and more. All these vectors of data are fed into the Kochava data model where, through the presentation layer, marketers are able to slice and dice their data with great granularity to visualize and improve performance, optimize in real time, and drive ROAS and business outcomes.

For some brands, a great majority of their advertising dollars may be spent through media partners on an increasing variety of platforms; the arrival of deterministic attribution in this space will have a major impact. Brands can now understand the true reach of their marketing campaigns. The outcome is improved visibility and accuracy of performance across all devices including both organic and paid channels.

“Over the past few years, we’ve pulled our ad spend from dozens of networks because probabilistic attribution, which is the only way anyone has been able to measure over mobile web, is inherently susceptible to fraud. Our position has been one of zero tolerance,” said Scott Bauer, Head of User Acquisition, GSN Games. “The addition of deterministic attribution for mobile web from Kochava means we can revisit opportunities with traffic sources in that space. It’s a game changer.”

“We are pleased to announce the latest enhancements to IdentityLink, providing our marketers with the clearest view yet of their users’ journey,” said Jason Hicks, VP Marketing & Client Partnerships. “Our longtime offering for bridging user activity across platforms is now even more powerful with our latest deterministic matching capabilities extending to mobile web.”

To learn more about IdentityLink from Kochava, visit https://www.kochava.com/kochava-difference/one-powerful-and-flexible-sdk/identitylink/ or contact info@kochava.com.

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Kochava Inc. (www.kochava.com) offers a unique, holistic and unbiased analytics platform to plan, target, engage, measure and optimize media spend. The Kochava platform for mobile and connected devices combines potent features and global coverage with thousands of network and publisher integrations, allowing advertisers to target audiences and measure campaign performance with precision. Real-time customizable visualizations give users fluid access to a full spectrum of data points, providing robust segmentation capabilities and real-time actionability. Yielding the most powerful tools in the ecosystem, Kochava is chosen by top brands across industry verticals to measure the largest and most sophisticated ad campaigns.

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