Mid-engined Corvette render video offers nifty size comparison


New static renderings also show the C8 wearing blue with black trim.

To say there’s some excitement about the forthcoming mid-engined Corvette is a bit of an understatement. Of course, there is no official news from Chevrolet on the subject, but unofficial news continues to percolate. We just saw a leaked video a few days ago that allegedly revealed the new ‘Vette’s startup screen. Our friends at MidEngineCorvetteForum.com have also been whittling away at renderings and animated files based on spy photos and other C8 information collected, with the brief video above showing an interesting C7 / C8 Corvette transformation from back-to-front.

The animation comes from forum user FVS. We’ve seen a similar comparison between the different Corvette models, but this one is a bit more direct with how the mid-engined model overlaps the current front-engined C7. Interestingly, the current C7 still has a slightly taller, longer slope to the roof, provided of course the size comparisons depicted here are accurate. It’s also easier to see how Chevrolet designers incorporated some of the C7’s body lines into the mid-engine shape.

Meanwhile, forum user Chazcron did some further retouching on previous C8 renders, this time featuring the car in blue with black accents. The more we see these fine-tuned creations the more we hope the final product will look as good.

There’s even been some recent highbrow speculation at the forum about when the mid-engined Corvette could finally arrive. For at least a couple months now, our ears have heard rumours about a big C8 reveal at the New York Auto Show in April. We’ve also heard rumours that General Motors could nix the auto show scene completely and instead hold a stand-alone event. Should that happen, something later in the spring or summer is a likely timeframe. New York could still happen, but right now it seems like the standalone debut is a more probable scenario.

When the new C8 Corvette does finally happen, it could be a game-changing supercar for Chevrolet. We’re certainly ready to see what it’s all about, but in the meantime, we’ll keep our ears to the ground for the latest info.