Opening Ceremony of «Astana EXPO-2017» Exhibition Held at the World EXPO Museum in Shanghai


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The event was attended by The General Secretary of the Bureau International des Exposition (BIE) Mr. Vicente Loscertales, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the World EXPO Museum, Mr. Hong Hao, Director of the Department of International Cooperation JSC «NC «Astana EXPO-2017», Mr. Nurbek Yergeshbayev, as well as representatives of the Chinese business community.

The General Secretary of the Bureau International des Exposition (BIE) Mr. Vicente Loscertales has remarked: “Today Astana EXPO-2017 is the most successful among specialized exhibitions and it has a positive impact on the development of the entire Central Asian region. This exposition has become a part of the World EXPO legacy.” 

The World EXPO Museum in Shanghai has been the only international museum and documentary repository of the Bureau International des Exposition in the entire history of exhibitions since 1851. The museum was established in cooperation with the Shanghai government in order to preserve the history of EXPO exhibitions and demonstrate the scientific, technical and cultural achievements of the world community.  

The Astana EXPO-2017 exhibition hall consists of four zones, where exhibition objects are displayed, including information on the symbol of the exhibition – the «Nur-Alem» sphere, the Astana International Finance Center, “Astana Hub” and the Center for Green Technologies, etc.

The exposition will be demonstrated until March 2019, whereafter the exposition will be transferred to the World EXPO Museum fund and will become a part of the permanent exhibition.

Moreover, on 13th of December 2018 the Forum on Development and International Cooperation with the participation of JSC «NC «Astana EXPO-2017» was held at the World EXPO Museum, where the main implemented results and the concept of post-exhibition use of the EXPO objects were presented.       

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