Performance Motion Devices Launches Ultra-Compact Integrated Circuits for Torque Control with Increased Performance and Safety


Juno Torque Control IC packages have the highest PWM frequencies ever offered by Performance Motion Devices going up to 120khz. Juno Torque ICs include a unique combination of four quadrant motion control, direct quadrature encoder input, multi-phase waveform generation, and advanced current control for both Brushless DC and DC Brush motors. In addition, Juno Torque ICs provide OEMs with numerous safety features including over- and under-voltage sense, over-current detection, over-temperature, and i2 t current foldback. Juno Torque ICs also employ NVRAM to hold motor parameters and motion trace information that can be used to track and optimize system performance.

“Juno Torque Control ICs will enable engineers and designers to gain accurate, reliable, quiet motor control that will fit anywhere in their system,” said Chuck Lewin, CEO of Performance Motion Devices. “Juno is the worry-free, ultra-compact, intelligent IC for Brushless DC and DC Bush motor torque control.”

The Juno IC family is ideal for a wide range of applications including lab automation, flow rate control, precision liquid pumping, XYZ tables, pick and place packaging machines, and many other robotic, medical, scientific, and industrial applications that need to minimize noise, vibration and power consumption or have limited space.

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Performance Motion Devices, Inc. provides innovative and high-performance integrated circuit, board and drive-based motion control solutions to OEMs and contract manufactures around the globe. With over six million installed axes, Performance Motion Devices has the motion control expertise to simplify designs, lower production costs and risk, and enable customers to bring their products to market quickly. Performance Motion Devices products are used to control DC Brush, Brushless DC, and step motors in the medical device, laboratory automation, inspection equipment, robotics, packaging, 3D printing and semiconductor automation markets.  Performance Motion Devices—motion control at its core.

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