Play with Cristiano! Sports Star Launches Official Soccer Game – Cristiano Ronaldo: Soccer Clash!


The engaging “flick-to-shoot” game invites users to follow in Cristiano’s footsteps, finding their way from the backstreets of Portugal all the way to the grandeur of the World Stage.  The first-of-its-kind biographical game is free to download and features virtual players in 3D, in game rewards and much more.

Cristiano Ronaldo: Soccer Clash is a fast-paced, PvP, real-time multiplayer football game that lets players live the fantasy of scoring skill-based goals on their friends from the palm of their hands! Players get to level up and customize their characters to perform Cristiano’s signature moves to win matches and claim bragging rights.

“This is an entertaining new way to connect with my fans, especially the younger generation of football fans who never got to see me play early in my career. I look forward to sharing my skills in an interactive way with users of this app,” says Cristiano Ronaldo.

“We took our love of gaming and sport and combined them to bring an entirely new fan experience to mobile gaming – giving fans the only chance to take on football icon like Ronaldo,” said, Joshua Blitz, Co-Founder of MVP Sports, “Cristiano Ronaldo: Soccer Clash, is the first of its kind offering amazing rewards and a visually immersive experience – which we see as the way forward for mobile gaming.”

The lifelike graphics allow the user to connect with their avatar on a deeper level and personalize it to fit their personality and have a better experience with Cristiano Ronaldo: Soccer Clash. In the game, Cristiano Ronaldo guides the player throughout their soccer journey. With his soccer smarts, he lets the player in on tips and tricks on how to beat out the competition and become a champion.

Unique features include:

  • Real-time multiplayer action – Users can challenge other Cristiano Ronaldo fans from all over the globe to live 1v1 duels with the winner taking home special prizes!
  • Friend Challenge Mode – Users can play against friends and challenge the world online competitions and leaderboards.
  • Over 800 goals and challenges to complete from the backstreets to the big leagues.

Cristiano Ronaldo: Soccer Clash is now available to download for free, with in-app purchases, on the Apple App Store and Google Play at

For further information contact:

Jason Hale

About MVP Sports, Inc.

MVP Sports is focused on changing the game in mobile sports by bringing compelling gameplay action to mobile like never before. We have exclusive long-term licenses to Cristiano Ronaldo & LeBron with our first product, Cristiano Ronaldo: Soccer Clash, releasing on Dec 20th, 2018.

One of our primary goals is to reinvent the way fans engage with their sports heroes through immersive gaming experiences designed for mobile. 

We take our inspiration from the athletes who inspire their fans on so many levels. Through hard work and dedication, they became the best players in the world which is our message to our audience – through hard work and dedication, you can become the best player in your world, and have fun doing it.

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