Slendertone Launches ‘Your Personal Body Toner’ Global TV Campaign


Slendertone, the world leader in muscle toning products has launched ‘Your Personal Body Toner’ Global TV Campaign. The campaign went live on TV and Digital in countries around the world including the UK, France and North America, just in time for the ‘New Year, New You’ season.

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The idea behind the TV Creative ‘Your Personal Body Toner’ depicts Slendertone as an addition to your everyday lifestyle, helping you to achieve your desired body shape. It explores the personal challenge to toning, the solution, ease of use and most importantly of all, the proven results from just 4 weeks.

Slendertone personalises the brand as a Personal Body Toner through its understanding of the fact that people’s lives are becoming increasingly busy and for some people, finding time to work-out and tone up isn’t always so easy. Similar, to how a Personal trainer would work with you, Slendertone motivates you to achieve your toning goals while easily fitting into your lifestyle.

As more and more brands and companies choose to work direct with Producers and Directors it proves that brands can actively have a bigger impact on the overall creative process of their TV campaigns.

In 2018, Slendertone decided it was time to take back control of the creative process and leverage the expertise and creativity of its internal team together while building a team of experts in the Creative Production business.

This resulted in award-winning Creative Director, Trudy Bellinger being appointed to work with the team to develop the script and creative concept for ‘Your Personal Body Toner’ as well as direct the commercial through the appointment of Sharon Horgan’s Production Company, Merman.

Trudy Bellinger felt that, “Working client direct with the team at Slendertone on the Personal Toner Campaign was a refreshingly creative process and I found coming in at the beginning, working on the ideation and concept of the global campaign, really helped me fully understand the clients’ needs and the brand identity. One of the first questions people ask about Slendertone is, “Does it Work?”, so it was important to me to actually show the product working by capturing a full abdominal muscle contraction (in camera with no effects) for the demo sequence. And yes …it really does work!”

The TV ad has begun to air on TV channels including Channel 4, E4, ITV2, ITVBe, Film4, Dave, E! Entertainment, MTV, Discovery plus many more.


Trudy Bellinger

Trudy Bellinger


About Slendertone
Slendertone (an Irish Owned Company) was established in the early 1960s and originally created electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) technology for the medical industry to repair and rehabilitate damaged muscles. Slendertone recognises that everybody could benefit from EMS technology to look and feel amazing in their everyday lives. Their products have evolved over six decades through research & development and product innovation. For over 50 years, Slendertone has sold over 10 million toning devices all over the world. Pioneers in the industry, Slendertone is proud to publish the results of independent clinical trials conducted on products.

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