UTIB to Represent the Turkish Textile Sector at Texworld Paris


Pınar Taşdelen Engin, President of UTIB (Uludağ Textile Exporters’ Association) stated that Turkish textile sector has a very strong image in the global market and said, “The sector comes to the forefront thanks to its machinery park with state-of-the-art technology, flexible production ability, capability of producing special products and high-quality workforce.”

Turkish textile sector confidently prepared for the Premiere Vision Paris Fair, out of which 174 are individual firms and Texworld Paris  Fair out of which 101 are individual firms will participate in the fair. Turkish textile manufacturers, through these events, will invite business people from across the world to invest in Turkey in addition to establishing commercial networks. Pınar Taşdelen Engin, President of Uludağ Textile Exporters’ Association (UTIB), who will lead the Turkish business people participating in the fair, said the Turkish textile sector has a very strong image in the global market.

Exports to the emerging markets increasing

Engin expressed that the Turkish textile sector paves the way in producing highly admired products of quality for many years thanks to its strong infrastructure and experience of hundreds of years. She also added, “A lot of people in many countries worldwide use Turkish textiles with pleasure, especially for their upper segment needs. Our sector has been engaged in exportation to the saturated and rising markets such as Europe and North America, where competition is quite intense. We managed to become the biggest textiles manufacturer in Europe. Our sector will maintain its assertive position in the future. We will continue to make significant breakthroughs not only in design and fashion but also in technical textiles.”

Stating that they have the machinery park with state-of-the-art technology, flexible production ability, capability of producing special products with the high-quality workforce, Engin remarked that there are Turkish companies that received design awards on an international level and also have a highly positive image thanks to their manufacturing activities conforming to the technical and health standards.

Turkish Textiles Industry is the driving force of Turkish economy

Engin also stated that textile sector is one of the driving sectors of Turkish economy with the added value it produces and its performance and added that the sector is of big importance with regard to the employment opportunities it provides. She said, “There are approximately 1 million people employed in textiles and ready-made clothing sectors. This number reaches 2 million if the sectors such as retail and merchandising, which are integrated to the aforementioned sectors, are included. Therefore, our contribution to the social stability of our country is very high. I believe that Turkish textile sector has a very high potential especially in terms of value added production.”

Highlighting that in 2018 Turkey’s textile export has increased by 4,5% to USD 8 billion 461 million compared to the previous year, Engin remarked, “In the same period, apparel export performed throughout Turkey reached USD 17 billion 642 million with 3,6% increase.”

Turkish Textiles Industry showcase Turkey’s potential at international fairs

Stating that they started opening stands and promoting Turkey at the fairs abroad under the leadership of Ministry of Trade and Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), Engin continued, “We are the showcase displaying our country’s values and potential at fairs that are one of the most important media to promote our sector abroad, and our activities are highly admired. It is of big importance that the companies and their representatives engaged in trading activities with the Turkish textile sector share their positive experiences with the new generation. One of our most significant missions is to ensure that the actors of our sector all around the world embrace this positive perception. Maintaining our successes with our own brands constitutes one of our fundamental objectives with regard to our sector and we need to exert efforts in this direction. Our exporter companies now have an R&D and design awareness and we attach great importance to improving it. We carry out activities to this end and will continue to work by building on it.”

Turkish Textiles Industry is the sector with the highest foreign trade surplus

Emphasizing that textile sector is one of the traditional branches of industries in Turkey and among the cornerstones of the success story of industry and export, Engin, President of UTIB, expressed that the Turkish textile and ready-made clothing sector as a whole is the first sector with the highest foreign trade surplus today. In addition, she said the textile sector creates employment opportunities and, thus, highly contributes to the decrease in unemployment and public welfare, and added, “Turkish textile sector has a very special place in the world thanks to its product quality, trendsetting designs and advanced technology. The sector ranks first in our country with its share in the gross domestic product (GDP) and in terms of parameters such as domestic input usage, as well as constitutes the foundation of our existence in the global market.”

Turkish Textiles Industry: The biggest manufacturer in Europe

Engin drew attention to the fact that Turkey is the biggest textiles manufacturer in the continental Europe and stated that it achieved the status of being the seventh biggest cotton producer in the world. “The machinery park, which was established for the production of broderie and guipure for home textiles, is the biggest machinery park in the world. The biggest factory manufacturing quilt covers is located in Turkey. We are one of the top three towel suppliers in the world. In 2018, the share of Turkey in global textiles export stands at approximately 3%, 4.5% in home and interior textiles and 1.5% in technical textiles.” said Engin.

Turkish Textiles Industry have a big potential in the technical textiles

Engin said that another advantage they have is the opportunity to reach dozens of countries on 3 continents in 3-hour flight time and added that experienced, young and dynamic workforce comes to the forefront as another strong side of the sector. She said, “The areas we believe we need to improve in the forthcoming period are technical textiles, promoting, marketing and branding. We have a big potential in terms of technical textiles. In order to turn this potential into reality, we particularly established Bursa Technology Coordination and R&D Center (BUTEKOM) and carry out a number of significant activities within this establishment for all areas in our sector.”

Engin pointed to the fact that many Turkish products of high-level quality deserve to become global brands and added, “As the private sector, we will continue to focus on this matter in cooperation with our state. On the other hand, our companies should be more active in e-commerce, a relatively new and important area. A foreign intermediary company can buy a high-quality product from Turkey and sell it with a 50%, or even 100% profit through e-commerce channel. We will continue our efforts with regard to this and similar issues.”

The Power of Turkish textiles

The film “Turkish Fashion Fabrics” – produced by UTIB – will meet the audience at PV Paris and Texworld Paris. Worldwide famous designers, such as Atil Kutoglu, Selma Celik and Ayse-Ece Ege, creator of the brand ‘Dice Kayek’, have cooperated with the Uludağ Textile Exporters Association with their unique designs. Following social media platforms is highly recommended.


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SOURCE Uludag Textile Exporters’ Association (UTIB)