Vansports Mercedes Vito proves vans can be cool and functional


It’s a one-off five-passenger sports van that still has lots of cargo space.

We don’t have much occasion to talk about the Mercedes-Benz Vito. It’s understandable since most people tend to embrace the more glamorous side of the automaker. Then again, the Unimog is world famous, but the Vito doesn’t have quite the same jaw-dropping off-road chops. It can, however, haul all kinds of people and/or cargo, and occasionally a company like Vansports endows the van with a cool upfit.

That brings us to this white sports van, which is awkwardly called White SportsVan by the Vansports team. The company has a long history with tweaking Mercedes vans, and this time around the attention went to a Vito 119 Mixto. The obvious difference is the flashy exterior, which gains a modest aero package with side skirts, a sporty rear fascia with a double-exhaust tailpipe sticking through, a roof spoiler, and lower lip spoiler up front. White is the predominant colour – hence its clever name – though Vansports applies a red/gray wrap to help promote the company.

You’ll also notice the wheels aren’t standard-issue Vito. In fact, they’re 20 inchers shod with rubber-band-spec 40-series tyres in front, and 35-series in the rear. A one-inch suspension drop helps eliminate wheel gap while also giving the van a bit of swagger in the corners, and the tuner also adds 30 additional bhp under the bonnet, though we’re not told exactly how.

Perhaps of more interest to van buyers is the interior. It’s not decked out with televisions and comm gear to talk to satellites orbiting Mars, nor is it ready for a weekend camping adventure. It does seem rather posh inside though, with an abundance of diamond-stitched black leather and contrast stitching that delivers an upscale feel. This large van remains a five-seater, and the rear cargo area is fully finished with carpet and lots of black trim. In short, it’s ready to work or play.

Vansports has no plans to produce move Vitos like this one. Its one-off mission is to help draw attention to the company and the other Mercedes upfits it can perform. In that mission, we’d say the Vito is a success.

Source: Vansports.DE

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VANSPORTS.DE PRESS RELEASE, Mercedes-Benz Vito 119 Mixto VP Spirit

white SportsVan

“Vans and transporters are practical but boring and fall short when it comes to sports capability.” This is definitely one widespread misconception that the experts at VANSPORTS.DE – a Heinz Hartmann GmbH brand specializing in the customization of Mercedes-Benz vans – put right resoundingly with their mods to the look and dynamics of large-capacity vehicles.

The latest VANSPORTS project vehicle is the Vito 119 Mixto presented here, for instance, which earns its name ‘white SportsVan’ in every respect. Our own VP Spirit aerodynamics package, featuring a front spoiler lip, side skirts, rear apron with double tailpipe for the standard exhaust and rear roof spoiler, gives the multi-purpose talent from Mercedes a dynamic appearance.

Hajo Lemke and his Erftstadt-based SIGNDICATE team devised and implemented the dynamic wrap design in vibrant red with shimmering anthracite on a bright arctic-white base after various elements of the Vito’s shell, such as door handles, mirror caps and license plate illumination, had been painted in the vehicle’s color so as to give it an even more elegant look.

Painted matt-black, the LED light inserts on the other hand visually accentuate the front, giving the Vito’s somewhat vacant stare a far more striking expression, and the Mercedes is delivered from the factory with the beautifully designed LED Intelligent Light System headlights.

The VANSPORTS performance springs move the van 30 millimeters closer to the pavement. In addition to giving it a sportier appearance, this also makes the Vito’s handling both dynamic and comfortable. Astonishingly agile, the van craves as many bends and kilometers as possible – no comparison to the production vehicle. Gloss-black ‘VEST 1’ rims measuring 20 inches which are adorned with red elements coupled with 245/40R20 and 275/35R20 premium tires fitted to the steering axle and drive axle respectively guarantee a stylish appearance and good grip even at speed.

It goes without saying that a vehicle designed around sport, such as the ‘white SportsVan’, also craves more power! With a boost in performance of some 30 additional hp (22 kW) and about 65 Nm, VANSPORTS delivers noticeably enhanced driving pleasure – combined with every conceivable safety feature, of course. A TÜV inspection engineer always ensures that the condition of every vehicle from VANSPORTS meets the required standard and confirms this with an acceptance report. Accordingly, the boost in performance is officially recorded in the vehicle’s documents. VANSPORTS.DE takes over the warranty.

It’s also definitely worth taking more than just a cursory look at the Vito VP Spirit’s spacious interior, where instead of seeing the environment that might be expected inside a transporter you will feel as if you are in a luxury sedan. Upholstered in stitched diamond-pattern black leather with contrasting white seams, the five seats, the door trim, and even parts of the dashboard all exhibit the finest saddlery-grade finish. The remainder of the interior, including roof liner, has also been kept completely in black. The use of sound-absorbing materials underlines the luxury ambience.

Needless to say, although the ‘white SportsVan’ will remain a unique specimen in the form presented here (not least because of the eye-catching VANSPORTS.DE wrapping), VANSPORTS.DE offers customizations like this for all V-Class, Vito and Sprinter models.

On top of that, VANSPORTS.DE | Heinz Hartmann GmbH also operates a car dealership at its headquarters in Neuss, where new vans from Mercedes-Benz’s factory stock that have already been customized can be bought directly. The latest vehicle portfolio is always available for viewing at:

All additional facts, as well as pricing and delivery information can be obtained from:


Heinz Hartmann GmbH

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